“When the bread had acquired a beautiful golden color, he took a handful of black olives from the nearest tree and dipped the piece of golden bread in their brown and bitter juice. The old man did all this gently. He prepared a slice of bread for Sofia and Angelo, one for himself and sat on the fence to eat. ” Giuseppe Dessì, Paese d’ombre

The Sardinian oil has a long tradition dating back to the Bronze Age, as recent archaeological discoveries confirm; it represents a cultural and landscape heritage; its excellence is recognized internationally.

It is the fruit of the extraordinary biodiversity of Sardinia, its geographical position, the characteristics of the land, and the weather conditions; it is the fruit of the great work, wisdom and passion of its olive growers.

Our groves produce excellent oil with unique characteristics and extraordinary intensity, variety of tastes and aromas. We find aromas of herbs, thistle, artichoke, fresh almonds, aromatic herbs, medium fruity or intense, harmonious bitter and spicy.

This distinctive identity originates from the rich heritage of the olive varieties. There are dozens of native cultivars in Sardinia: Bosana, Semidana, Nera di Oliena, Tonda di Cagliari, Tonda di Villacidro, Nera di Gonnos … which produce oil with organoleptic qualities that distinguish themselves for their personality and character.

The Sardegna PDO Oil is the expression of this quality, it feels elegant on the palate, it is excellent with the dishes of our tradition (with bottarga, artichokes, fregola …), and with those of the Mediterranean and modern cuisine.