The salty Ricotta of Bagolino is an alpine cows milk product. It is traditionally made with the remaining buttermilk after the Bagoss cheese production.
The Bagoss is the typical cheese of Bagolino and is produced in all the main valleys in the Province of Brescia: Val Camonica, Val Trompia and Val Sabbia. All the milk is produced by the local Bruna cows, born and bred in these valleys.
The salty Ricotta of Bagolino is drained from the extra liquids in jute bags which are then immersed into salt. In this way, the dairy product is seasoned. The “cheese” is aged for at least 30 days before distribution.
This kind of Ricotta is a low-fat and rich in proteins dairy product. Given the salting process the Ricotta of Bagolino can be used to flavor sauces and delicate recipes: make sure to limit the use of additional salt in your recipes whenever you serve salty cheeses in your meal.

Thanks to Mistofrigo