Salame di Varzi dates back to very ancient times. According to tradition, the Longobards used salami as a preferred food during their migrations both for its conservation features and undoubted nutritional properties. In the 13th century Salame di Varzi reached the tables of the Malaspina lords who considered it a high quality delicacy that was reserved for the most illustrious guests at their table. Salame di Varzi was made known to the people in the centuries that followed. As pig breeding spread, even farmers started eating salami, which was available in a larger quantity.
Salame di Varzi became a food that recorded a growing presence on the tables even of the less wealthy people.
Salame di Varzi was made of minced pork meat expertly mixed with sea salt, pepper grains and an infusion of garlic in red wine. The processing phase makes use of the various meat cuts, even of the best parts, such as the thigh. The raw material is carefully and precisely selected to ensure that the seasoned product possesses the typical characteristics of softness and fragrance.
When cut, it has an oblong shape (which means that the salami must be sliced in the shape of a clarinet mouthpiece), with a tender consistency and bright red colour. The typical subtle and savoury flavour merges with the characteristic scent and fragrance that are strictly influenced by seasoning times.

Thanks to Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani and Consorzio Dolce Varzi.