Two and a half million olive trees, more than a thousand farms, 2600 years of experience producing high quality olive oil: this is the Sabine.
Our olive groves extend for more than one thousand square kilometres among an amazing hilly countryside, from the heart of Central Italy to Rome, across oak forests, historical abbeys and medieval villages.
Monuments to nature and to man, the ancient olive trees that grow in this land are evidence of the hard work of generation of olive growers.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sabina PDO achieved the “Protected Designation of Origin” status in 1996. Its chemical, physical and organoleptic properties, as well as its entire production cycle, follow a precise product specification approved by the European Union and the Italian Government, and are monitored and protected by a Public Control Authority.
Sabina PDO is characterized by a golden-yellow colour with green hues in case of fresher oils. It contains a high amount of antioxidants thus being ideal for daily consumption and very useful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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