instant-cooking polenta (cornmeal mush), 8,8 oz
water, 4 cups
corn oil
sausages, 2
a dash of red wine
mushrooms of your choice, a handful
speck or smoked ham, 1,7 oz
fontina cheese or any cheese of your choice, 1,7 oz
butter, 3 tbsp


Cook polenta in salty water, following the packet instructions.
When ready, pour it over a greased rectangular dish. Cool down until completely cold.
Slice it into small rectangles or squares, using a wet knife.
Clean the mushrooms, cut them into slices and then cook in a pan with a tbsp of oil until soft.
Cook the sausage in red wine. Toast polenta slices by drizzling and heating some oil over a pan for about 5-7 minutes each side. Add some more oil if needed. Polenta should look nice and golden.
Cut the sausages into slices and put them over polenta slices, garnish with thyme leafs. Melt some butter and pour it over the sausages.
For mushroom canapes, put a slice of cheese over each polenta slice and then add the mushrooms. Top with some melted butter. Complete with a parsley leaf.
Put a slice of cheese over the other polenta slices, add one of speck, pierce it with a toothpick and refine with a sage leaf.
Must be served warm, combined with a glass of red wine.

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen