35 minutes

Bread flour, 4+1/2 cup
Fresh yeast for baking, 0,9 oz (dry yeast, a sachet)
Butter, 4 tbsp
Sugar, 1/4 cup
Lukewarm milk, 2/5 cup
Eggs, 3
Zest of one unwaxed lemon
Vanilla extract, 1 tbsp

For the filling:
Sultanas, 8,8 oz
Double cream, 2/5 cup
Milk for brushing
Vanilla icing sugar


Melt the yeast with the lukewarm milk, sift over the flour and stir it in. Add the eggs, sugar, the diced butter, vanilla extract and lemon zest. Work the ingredients well using your hands and shape it into a smooth ball. Then let it rest, covered with a cloth, for a couple of hours in a warm place.
In a bowl mix the sultanas with the cream.
With your hands work the dough again for a few minutes, then with a rolling pin flatten it into a long rectangle about 0,6 inch thick. Roll it to make a long sausage and spread the cream and the sultanas mixture over the dough. Cut it like a salami with a knife about 0,8 inch thick.
Lay a sheet of parchment paper over a round baking tin. Put the smaller roses at the center and the bigger ones around them; let it rest, again covered with a cloth, for about one hour. Brush it with some milk and cook at 356° for 30 minutes.
Once cooked, dust with vanilla icing sugar.

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen