Radicchio grows during winter and is one of the most characteristic and well-known product of the Treviso countryside.
After the great heat of summer, in the fields, the green leaves of radicchio are tied gently to allow the heart developing new leaves and, starting from the month of September, showing an intense red color. Once washed, the red Radicchio of Treviso appears crunchy, slightly bitter, and suitable for multiple uses, both cooked and raw.

November is the right time to pick up the red Radicchio of Treviso, which is not yet ready to join the cuisines of his many admirers. It will be the water and the expert hands of producers to enable the Radicchio to express all its beauty, its crunchiness and its unique taste, which is the joy of the most refined palates.

Radicchio can be considered “original Red Radicchio of Treviso” only if it has the seal of the PGI Consortium: it shows the production lot that guarantees the origin and the possibility of tracing the entire production history. A certification body checks and certifies that the product quality conforms to the strict rules of the specification.

The Radicchio should look like the following: with a big, elongated, tightly closed head, accompanied by a small portion of the root. The leaves have very pronounced, white primary veining that dissipate into many smaller veins throughout the deep red, well developed leaves.

The taste of the leaves must be slightly bitter and their texture should be crunchy.