milk, 2 cups
1 vanilla pod
corn flour, 3 tbsp
eggs, 2
caster sugar, 1/2 cup
fresh raspberries, 12,3 oz
icing sugar, 1 tbsp
dark chocolate chips


Pour milk in a sauce pan. Cut vanilla pod and scrape its seeds out in the milk. Leave vanilla pod in milk and make it boil.
Whip together eggs and caster sugar, add cornflour and stir well.
Remove the vanilla pod from hot milk and pour it over the whipped eggs, stirring well.
Put the mixture back in the sauce pan and boil gently, stirring all the time. Cook for 10 minutes until the mixture thickens.
Pour the mousse into 4 ceramic pots, refrigerate for 3 hours.
Mix the raspberries with the icing sugar, then sieve them in a meshed strainer. Keep a few raspberries to arnish.
Turn the pots upside down and serve the mousse with the sauce and the raspberries left, topping with chocolate chips.

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen