55 minutes

Peeled raw pumpkin, 14 oz
Potatoes, 14 oz
All purpose flour, 1 cup + 5 tbsp
Yolk, 1

For the sauce:
Butter, 1 stick 2 tbsp
Sage, a few leaves
Parmigiano reggiano


Cook the pumpkin in the oven on a baking tray at 356 F for 20-25 minutes, enough for soften it up.
Put the potatoes in cold water, then boil them with the skin on (make sure to not get them waterlogged).

In a bowl, mash the potatoes and the pumpkin. Let them cool down.
Add the yolk, some grated nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste and combine all the ingredients together.
Add 3/4 of the flour, then combine well to make a smooth dough.

Roll the dough using your hands to make small cylinders. Add the remaining flour, it will help in shaping the dough.
Cut them into little pieces about 0,8 inch each with the knife. Shape the dough using the proper tool or with a fork (place a gnocchi pillow against the tines of the fork, then use your thumb and press in and down the length of the fork. To make the typical shape of gnocchi, they should curl into a slight ā€œCā€ shape.)

Sprinkle more flour over the gnocchi to make them easy to pick and bring a pot of salted water to the boil. Melt the butter with the sage leaves in a pan over a gentle heat.
When the water boils drop the gnocchi in; when they rise to the surface drain them.
In a pan, melt the butter with the sage and add the gnocchi.

Stir over the heat so that the sauce will be absorbed by the gnocchi.
Serve immediately with grated parmigiano reggiano.

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen