4 hours

Wheat four, 23 oz
extra virgin olive oil, 2 fl oz
salt, to taste
Brewer’s yeast, 0.5 oz
water, 13.5 fl oz
sugar, 0.2 oz
tomatoes, to taste
cheese, to taste
green olives, to taste
salame, to taste


Put in a bowl water, sugar and Brewer’s yeast. Leave for 1 minute and wait for the lather on top.
Put in another bowl the wheat flour with salt and oil.
Put the mix with Brewer’s yeast into the bowl with flour. Knead and let leaven for 2 hours.
Divide the mixture into small pieces, put them into a stained baking tray and leave them for 1 hour.
Put in a heated oven at 200°C for 15 minutes.
Open the pucce into 2 half and put them for 2 minutes on a heated Contact Grill De Longhi.
Stuff pucce as you like.

Thanks to La mora in cucina.