During the 100per100 italian awards, Chef Marco Parizzi tells the Prosciutto di Parma.

Now we will know our ambassador.

Marco Parizzi, chef at the Parizzi Restaurant, grow up with passion for his job.
He starts in his youth helping at his familiy’s restaurant, the “Tiratardi”, founded after the Second World War. Immediately after the achievment of the chartered accountant qualification, by helping at the restaurant full-time, he finds out that his place, his future is in a kitchen.

Thus he begins, at the age of 19, an apprenticeship with the chef Gino Giulianotti, concurrently with lessons and a learning period. He works with the chefs such as Davide Oldani and Patrik Massera, essential in his training for giving him a great knowlwdge in classic and modern cookery and helping him improving his talent.

In 1996 Marco Parizzi becomes part of the Jeunes Restaurateurs D’Europe and fulfills nowadays the role of vice president. In 2000 he’s called in Antonella Clerici’s successful TV program “La Prova del Cuoco”. In 2001 the meeting with Cristina, his wife, is fundamental : united by love and the same passion, they manage to make Parizzi Restaurant one of the most quotated and renowed restaurants of the culinary view in Italy.

Cristina is an excellent and passionate sommelier, thanks to her the wine list enriches up to 1200 labels, italians and internationals, and 10.000 bottles. Cristina Parizzi’s service has been rewarded in 2009 with 4 Michelin Forks : few italian restaurants can be proud of this recognition.

The Parizzi Restaurant, with its minimal look, offers a cookery based on genuinity and on the balanced selection of quality ingredients, interpreted with innovation but in respect of the local tradition. This cookery want to be an homage to the territory and the parmesan origins, and uses natural cooking techniques, as the broil.

In 1980 Parizzi restaurant has been honoured with a Michelin star, 15,5/20 on “The Espresso” guide, 83/100 on “Gambero Rosso” guide. Since 2009 is it possible to lodge in the freshly and completely renewed suites in a XVII century building: in these elegant and modern suites, is it possible to live like a parmesan.