1) How did your passion for pizza?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had my hands covered in dough. Whether conducting my own yeast and flour experiments or sneaking into the kitchen to knead the gnocchi with grandmother or mother, I’ve always been drawn to dough. For me, dough was like magic.

2) If you had to describe yourself in a pizza, which would you choose?

The Margherita – Measured simplicity

3) Tradition or innovation. What do you choose to make your pizzas?

Innovation of tradition. While we love to innovate, tradition is our compass.

4) Tell us about your pizzeria, How did you and what are your future plans? 

Luigia is what happened when the paths of two passionate foodies, Luigi Guarnaccia and myself, collided over a mutual love of Italian food. Together we created Luigia, a tribute to both of our grandmothers who incidentally shared that same name. Since our first Geneva opening in 2010, we have since opened another Geneva location and have plans to expand Internationally. But first, and while we carefully lay the groundwork for our future, we have two more Swiss establishments scheduled to open in 2015 – one in Lausanne and another in Nyon. We hope you’ll come to visit !

5) What is your favorite pizza from your customers?

Definitely the Luigia – It’s a pizza in the form of a rose bud, with buffalo mozzarella, smoked scamorza cheese, mushrooms, ham, truffle cream and seasonal fresh truffles. They’re an indulgence and a must try if you haven’t already.

6) Do you ever think of going back to Italy?

I never have and never will abandon Italy.

Thanks to Pizzeria Luigia

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