1) How did your passion for pizza?

10 years ago I had pizza in a very traditional pizzeria here in San Paolo, and I had problems with my digestion, so the next day, I decided that I would start researching how to make a very light pizza, that would digest very easily, that’s when I first heard about Pizza Napoletana.

2) If you had to describe yourself in a pizza, which would you choose?

I think I will be a MARINARA, because it’s very simple, but packed with flavor.

3) Tradition or innovation. What do you choose to make your pizzas?

Tradition always! There are some things that have reached  perfection, and should not be transformed into something else.

4) Tell us about your pizzeria, How did you and what are your future plans?

My pizzeria are called Leggera, and it’s a little over 1 year old. It was conceived 3 years ago, after a lot of research looking for great local and Italian produce. We also use natural leavened dough, so the idea of a very light crust was very important and we named our pizzeria after that (Leggera). Today we have kind of a bistro place, very casual and informal, where we serve 40 seats. As a further project, maybe in one year we will open a second location, with the same philosophy, small and with a lot of Italian Warmeth.

5) What is your favorite pizza from your customers?

Number one is always the “Margherita”, and we also sell allot of the “La Divina Commedia”, this is a pizza that I created for the Pizza Festival (AVPN) where I won as best emergent Pizzaiolo.

6) Do you ever think of going back to Italy?

I was not born in Italy, so for the time my place is in San Paolo. Who knows when I retire!

Thanks to Pizzeria Leggera

We are waiting you at Pizza World Show from 24th to 27th may in Parma.