30 minutes

pizza dough, 4 of about 7 oz each
olive oil
cherry tomatoes, 20
rocket leaves, two handfuls
fresh mixed mushrooms, 10,6 oz
tomato sauce, 6,7 fl. oz
mozzarella cheese, 4 balls of about 4,2 oz each


Roll the pizza dough with the top palm of your hands, so make small circles and you will make perfectly round balls. Treat the dough like if it was a blanket, tug it to make your pizza base (without using a rolling pin if possible!). Lay it on a well greased pan and push the dough gently towards the edges without pressing them. And your dough is on the serving tray. Now let it rest in a warm place covered by a blanket for at last a couple of hours or even longer. The longer the better. Put the tomato sauce on it and after that add the chopped mozzarella, the mushrooms, the halved cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of oregano. Cook in a hot oven at 200° C for about 20 mins. The crust needs to look golden and crispy then you will know your pizza is ready. Sprinkle some rocket on top. A final drizzle of olive oil.

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen