Ditalini rigati, 8,82 Oz
Speck from Trentino Alto Adige, 3,53 Oz
Smoked Scamorza from Campania, 8,82 OZ
Eggplants, 2
Grana Padano PDO, 3,53 Oz
Peanut oil to fry, 0.03 Oz

Ingredients for the Emilian ragù:
Sicilian extra virgin oil obtained through cold squeezing procedure
Butter (some flakes)
Bread crumbs
Fennel seeds
Salt and pepper to taste
Mixed minced beef (not lean), 17, 64 Oz
Peeled Luganega sausage, 7,05 OZ
Carrot, 1
Celery, 1
Onion, 1


Procedure for the ragù:

after mincing celery, carrot and onion in equal parts and stewing them with a little oil, a pinch of salt and water, add the meat to make it season and then continue stirring it. Simmer with wine until reduced, add salt and pepper, three spoonfuls of water, one spoonful of tomato puree, basil. Cook very gently using a lid. When the cooking is completed, if it turns out to be light-coloured, add a spoon of triple tomato paste and adjust with salt and pepper.

Procedure for pasta:

Cook pasta (following the cooking instructions on the package) into salted water. Drain pasta three minutes before the cooking is completed, rapidly cool it down with cold water and season with a spoon of oil.
Cut the eggplants and the scamorza into small pieces.
Fry the eggplants into peanut oil, draining it well over blotting paper.
After slightly oiling the bottom of an oven pan with high borders, sprinkle some bread crumbles and start composing the timbales.
Warm the ragù up and use a part of it to season (cold) pasta.
Then start with a layer of pasta, pressing it accurately on the bottom of the oven pan and adding a fistful of scamorza, one of fried eggplant, one of grated Grana, a pinch of fennel seeds and 3 or 4 speck slices.
Start the second layer with pasta and ragù and repeat the same procedure, until the depletion of all the ingredients (at least 3 layers).
Put in the oven at the maximum temperature using grill. Once a crust has formed on the surface, turn off the grill and let it stand 10 minutes before serving.

Thanks to: Monica Radicelli