Paolo Griffa will be at our 100per100 italian awards to present the Tiramisù.

Now, we will know our ambassador.

Young and very talented, Paolo Griffa is passionate of cuisine at 360 degrees.

From his childhood he starts moving around the burners, beside his mother and his grandmother, learning step by step the basis of the Italian cuisine, rich of flavors and impregnated with conviviality. Soon, Paolo decides that he wants to become a chef. His mother encourages him to follow the road he chose, though stressing it is a difficult path, that requires long years practicing; so Paolo enrolls the catering institute. Several journeys follow, that open him a whole world of opportunities: from Asia, where he goes different times as counselor for the Piccolo Lago, moving through Belgium, France and Denmark, Paolo, driven by his innate curiosity, comes back only once having gleaned an infinity of new ways of working, new techniques and new flavors.

As a contests lover, who thinks they allow him to improve constantly, he ranks first at the Italian phase of the San Pellegrino Young Chef 2015, thus achieving the “access pass” to the international final that will be held in Milan during the universal exposition.

The solid basis of the Italian cuisine acquired over the years allow him to manoeuvre nimbly through all the different sources from which he draws inspiration, giving vent to his immagination, without anyway risking to lose his balance.

Today, side by side with Marco Sacco, is at the Piccolo Lago, two stars Michelin restaurant, that his inspiration and his passion reveal with all their strength. Close to the enchanting lake Maggiore, Paolo reinterprets the traditional Italian cuisine through original creations with a contemporary spirit.