55 minutes

white flour, 3+3/5 cups
yeast, ,8 oz
lukewarm water, 5 fl. oz
ripe tomatoes, 12, 3 oz
mozzarella, 5,3 oz
salted anchovies, 4
oil for frying


First, put the yeast in warm water and let it melt. Let it for 15 minutes. Take a large bowl and put the flour and the salt in a fountain. Sift the flour before pouring it in order to prevent the formation of lumps. At the center, pour in the yeast and knead until it will be also incorporated with all the flour. Now prepare a clean work surface and add the dough, knead it. Now make a large ball and place on a damp cloth: let it rest for about an hour and a half. Meanwhile, take anchovies and clean them carefully. Add tomatoes, diced mozzarella, oregano and pepper. If needed, add a pinch of salt. Take the dough and pull it, the height of a cm. Take a glass (or a round pastry cutter) and cut all the dough; inside these disks, put the mixture and close. Now the panzerotti are ready to be fried and tasted hot.

Thanks to: Cucinare Pesce