1h and 10 minutes

Water, 12,8 fl.oz.
Extra virgin olive oil, 0,3 fl.oz.
Manitoba flour, 11,6 oz.
All purpose flour, 11,6 oz
Fresh brewer’s yeast, 0,8 oz.
Sugar, 0,2 oz.
Mozzarella, 12 oz
Tomato puree, 10 oz
Oregano, 0,2 oz.
Salt, 0,2 oz.
Olives in brine (optional), 0,8 oz.


Melt the yeast in little warm water and add the sugar.
Put the salt in the remaining water and let it dissolve.
Mix the flours in a large bowl, add the dissolved yeast to the flour and mix well. Then add in the remaining liquid and knead until you get a smooth and soft dough.
Divide the dough into 12 pieces, giving them a spherical shape.
Lay them on a large baking tray and put them to rise in the oven, turned off but with the light on (or in a warm place) for 40 minutes.
Dice mozzarella. Pour the tomato sauce in a bowl and season it with oregano and salt.
When the dough has risen, roll down the balls of dough on a floured wooden surface, and give them a circular shape. Put the filling in the middle and fold one side of dough over the other creating a semi circle. Seal the edge pressing it with the prongs of a fork. This will prevent the mozzarella from leaking out while frying.
Preheat the oil at 356 °F.
Fry for about 6 minutes.
Dab the panzerotti on paper towels and serve hot.

Thanks to: Pentole e Fornelli