Pan de Re is the name of the bread QC (Controlled Quality) of Reggio Emilia, it was presented for the first time at the Bread Festival of the mills and bakery from Reggio Emilia, during the Giareda event in 2010. The Reggio Emilia bread always has the reputation for being a good bread. In 12th century, during the district period, the Fornari were one of the thirty-two professional association of the city. Legend has it originally the central cut typical of this bread was obtained with an elbow bump on every rising dough, ready to be cooked. The recipe and production of Pan de re are controlled by Consorzio Panificatori Reggiani, who get involved in the short distribution chain producer, mills company and in 32 bakeries in Reggio Emilia province. The mission is take out “a better product, more respectful and careful for the environment and the well-being of the consumer. We know where and how the wheat is produced, who mill the flour who knead, make, bake and take it out to the oven.