orecchiette, 12,3 oz
tomato sauce, 1 lb + 12 oz
canned tuna, 7 oz
a handful of oregano
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
garlic, 1 clove
salt, 1 pinch
pepper, 1 pinch


Drain well the canned tuna, especially if it is conserved with olive oil. Our advice is to use fresh tuna, although it is not always available, or tuna in brine. To prepare the sauce, begin to let warm up a bit of extra virgin olive oil and garlic on low heat. The garlic should be removed from the heat before it changes its color. A good tip to flavor the oil can be to tilt the pot and let the garlic very slowly yields its aroma. After you remove the garlic, combine the tomato sauce and oregano finely chopped, and about half of the tuna well drained. At this point with a mini-pimer shake the sauce until you obtain a homogeneous compound. Add the remaining portion of the drained tuna into the sauce, in coarser pieces. Cover the pot with a lid and let cook over very low heat for at least twenty minutes. If the sauce is too dry during cooking, add a little water. Once the sauce is ready, cook the pasta in salted water and drain it. Pour the pasta into the pan of sauce topped with tuna and fry together for a few seconds on high heat. Serve with a pinch of pepper. It is recommended to combine the pasta with tuna sauce with white wine, such as Etna Bianco.

Thanks to: Cucinare Pesce