18 minutes

garlic, 2 cloves
basil, 1 bunch
vegetable broth, 4 cups
abundant Extra virgin olive oil
stale Tuscan bread – not other types of bread-, 10 oz
fresh or dry red chili pepper, 1 (black pepper)
tomato Sauce, 1 lb (fresh Florentine tomatoes, 1 lb)
salt as required


In a large pot add minced garlic, chopped grossly basil, chopped red chili pepper and oil.
Cook on medium – heat till the basil is lightly fried. Add tomato sauce and a little bit of the salt.
After 8-10 minutes, add bread slices and broth. Keep simmering and stir until bread has absorbed as much liquid as possible, yielding a baby food-like consistency.
You can serve warm or cold. Add more basil or Oil if you like, but never Parmigiano or any other cheese.

Thanks to: Chef Vary