55 minutes

courgettes, 3 big
asparagus, a bunch
tomatoes, 2
onion for the mirepoix
béchamel, 6,8 oz
bread crumbs
soft cheese
parmigiano cheese
a form of shortcrust pastry (brisèe)
olive oil
8 aluminium round deep pans


Fry onions with oil, cut the vegetables into small cubes and put in a pan. Add some water for cooking and, when they are ready, add salt and let them dry, so they won’t remain watery.
Put the cooked vegetables in a large bowl, add the bechamel and stir; add the bread crumbs to dry the stuffing (it should remain soft). Put also a little olive oil.
Lay the roll of shortcrust pastry and cut out circles of a greater diameter than that of aluminum round deep pans (I used a cup). With a roll you’ll have 8 circles.
Place the circles of shortcrust pastry in the aluminium pans, pulling a bit, so as to cover the lateral sides, then pierce it with a fork. With a spoon arrange the vegetables in the pans halfway. Put 3 or 4 cubes of soft cheese in the center and cover them again with the vegetables, so that the cheese remains in the middle.
Put the Parmesan cheese on top.
Put the mini pies in the oven at 360° F for about 40 minutes and check them. If you are unsure, try to overturn a pan and make sure the mini pie remains intact.
Once baked, eat them warm. At the center you’ll find a soft cheese heart.

Thanks to: Profumi e Parole