The “Masena pevaro” was a tool of the old days of my grandparents, and it was used to grind the grains of pepper, which were then used almost daily in food preparation and for the sausages (salami, bacon).

The pepper grinder, after being cleaned, was useful even for coffee, because my grandparents were not particularly rich. It was structured this way: its shape was the one of a cube measuring about 20 cm, its walls were made of wood; on the top there was an iron “dome” that could be opened on one side to introduce the pepper grains.

On the “dome” there was a handle and, at the base of the mill, a drawer of wood was used to collect the dust of shattered pepper. The pepper grains, once crushed, were added, along with the salt and, optionally, with the oil, to the mixture of minced meat, especially pork, which was prepared to make salami, bacon and sausages.

The pepper was also used for other dishes, such as the “biscotte”, of which once my grandmother taught me the recipe: they were cabbages which had to be cooked for a long time in the water, vinegar, salt and pepper. They were stored in glass jars in preparation for the cold months and they used to be eaten with oil and garlic.