Today we speak with Dr. Mario Rubino, who was a doctor for 25 years and now he decided to dedicate himself to the management of Kimbo, world’s leading coffe company run by generations by Rubino’s family.
Let’s know the great passion of Mario Rubino for the Made in Italy, born by the love for one of the symbolic products of Made in Italy, The Espresso.

1) Nine words to introduce you.

ER surgeon turned into manager of Kimbo.

2) What is the episode that started your coffe passion?

I certainly lived in a home that sweat coffe, I drunk coffe since I was a teenager, liters of this dark beverage, but the real passion, the passion for the coffe, it take long to get. It was a hard choice decide to leave the surgeon profession for dedicate myself to the management, with my sister and my cousins, of family run business, but the time had come for me to contribute, because it was required. Today I’m very happy about my choice. But I jump out of the frying pan into the fire: yesterday I had lot of work and today… the same, maybe more! The past experience helped me a lot. The qualities of employee made me see everyday the state of mind of the people that work for us. It’s not easy have a close in on especially if he is demanding, so I try to understand every their needs and I think I’m respected and maybe in some occasion also loved. Everyone knows that I considered myself one of them.

3) What is the recipe or beverage that most represents you?

It is fresh squeezed lemon juice with seltzer with the addition of a pinch of bicarbonate the beverage that most represent me. Easy, but at the same time sparkling, cheerful, lively and above all “helpful”.

4) What are the three essential Made in Italy products for your kitchen?

They aren’t only three, but multiples of three, the products that I use to cook, depends on my state of mind. The food represents the reflection of my emotional state, very variable, sometimes spice and tasty but other times light and mild.

5) Chi cucina a casa tua?

Like in all family in Naples, cook is a passion and not only a way to feed, a tradition hand down from mother to daughter. In my case, from mother to son. In fact I love cooking, inventing, using often leftovers in the fridge. But, every day who cares to cook is my wife with which I share this passion, we cook for our guest tasty and funny tasting.

6) When you are abroad where do you buy the coffe?

Very simple, I don’t drink coffe or should I say I didn’t drink coffe. By now you can drink a decent espresso everywhere. Obviously I always miss the coffe of my dear Naples, but I settle. Until recently in my luggage there was always space for a moka pot, a hot plate and a can of coffe. Today the difficulties of airport boarding made me give up. I still remember the smell of the moka pot on the hot plate attracted anyone was close to it. Very often these moment have created new friendships. Have a coffe together, in my opinion, means create a friendship and very often I have to treat it.

7) Which one in your opinion is the biggest stereotype foreigners have about the Italian cuisine or Italian food?

I think that foreign people view Italy as a misconception were you can eat a healthy and tasty food. Let me clarify: Italy is considered the food country by all, thanks to the biodiversity of the territory and the Italians’ innate ability to turn the raw materials. I don’t like when the traditional food is changed to indulge the preferences of the foreign guests.

8)Speaking about the “Italian Sounding” phenomenon, what do you think are the solutions to oppose it?

If there will be a true and unique solution we would have solved the problem. As I said before, Italian food is recognized as “good” so it is predictable and expected, it’s every time forged and imitated. Educate the consumer is the only weapon that we have. More you know the original Italian food greater is the capacity know what is real and what is not; we continue to offer on the market high quality products.

9) Three words to describe the Italian food/beverage abroad.

Green, white and red, the color of Italian flag but also basil, mozzarella and tomato, representation of the real pizza of Napoli.

10) Other to say about the importance of food/wine/liquor “Made in Italy”.

It seems obvious and predictable say that for me coffe is the most important Italian beverage, it has allowed me to live a life with a bit of extra lucky. Thanks dad!

11) Which prize has made you more proud?

The best prize ever? Being born in Italy.

Thanks to our Italian Food Ambassador Francine Segan for this amazing interview.