Extra virgin olive oil, 1,7 Oz
Garlic, 5 Cloves
Fresh chilly peppers, 2
High quality clams, 16 Oz
Linguine, 8,2 Oz
Chopped parsley


Put the clams in pan with high fire with some bayleaves, some crushed garlic and some EVO oil. When the clams open, place them in a bowl and drain the water remained in the pan to filter any trace of eventual sand.
Now you will sauté some finely cut garlic and parsley in hot EVO oil. When these are slightly browned, add the clams (you can remove them from their shells in the meantime) and let it aromatize together.
In the meantime the linguine are ready cooked drained al dente, and mixed with clams. Sauté the pasta with fresh tomatoes, chilly and a drop of EVO oil.

Thanks to: Emanuele Murgia