55 minutes

lentils, 200 gr
speck or bacon, a thick diced slice
white onion, 1/2
bay, 2 leaves
4 juniper berries
red wine as needed
vegetable broth, 4 cups
black pepper to taste


Prepare the broth, then pour in the lentils and their water with a colander. In a large pan heat oil and fry the onion. Pour bay leaves, juniper berries and diced speck (or bacon), and cook for 3 minutes.
Add lentils and saute them for few minutes. Pour red wine and let evaporate. Add three tablespoons of vegetable broth and cook for approximately 45 minutes.
Lentils tend to absorb liquids so you’ll have to check that they will not dry out too much. In that case, add more broth. Do not add salt since both broth and bacon will flavor your lentils. Season with black pepper.

Thanks to: Pasta Loves Me