Their color is as yellow as the one of the rising and setting sun in the waters of the Mediterranean, their flavor is sour and pungent, their tender and soft pulp is like the character of those who cultivate it and, under a thick and a rough bark, they hide thousands of properties: lemons are the considered the “citrus” par excellence! In the South, especially in Sicily, Calabria and Campania, there’s the greatest production of the country, but the greenhouse plantations have also taken hold in Liguria, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.

The lemon is an ancient citrus which arrived in Italy from the East, it was well known to the Romans as “apple of Persia.” It was used in the kitchen, in a thousand recipes or simply as a digestive, in the treatment of certain infections or even for cleaning up the waters. Indeed, even today the lemon is still used for several purposes: you can prepare delicious creams, jams, sweets and drinks with its zest and its juice; the ascorbic acid, the citric acid and vitamin C, extracted from the pulp, are useful for beverages or for the preparation of antihaemorrhagic, disinfectants and refreshing medicines.

With the essential oil of lemon, perfumes and different products for the cleaning and hygiene are also created. The lemon is the symbol of “heartbreaks” (probably in reference to its sour taste) and is often associated with lunar and feminine essence: someone says it has also useful properties to “heal” the soul. Lemon can also be used as flea control for dogs and cats, and to remove an ink stain from a dress by applying a generous amount of juice. Last but not least, it helps to have whiter teeth if used all days.

This is why we love lemons, and this is why we love Italian products!

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