Lambrusco is a typical wine of the Emilia region: its vines are mainly grown in Reggio Emilia surrounding. The different areas in which these vineyards are located, both on the hills and in the valley, is the cause of the existing variety of Lambrusco qualities, with relevant differences in aroma and color.

People from Emilia like to think that these peculiarities are due the authenticity and high quality of the land and weather of these areas. The name comes from the compound of the Latin words “labrum” – fields borders- and “ruscum” – wild – because Lambrusco vine is the one growing spontaneously along the borders of the fields.

The first evidences on Lambrusco dates back to the Latins: two thousand years ago, in his fifth Eclogue, Virgil quotes “vitis Lambrusca”. And so do many others, such as Plinio il Vecchio, in his”Naturali Historia” who describes how its leaves gets red before falling down.

Lambrusco is a wine which happily matches with all the cuisine of Reggio Emilia, its cheeses and cold cuts, because its sour taste, together with its sparkling essence, helps digestion.