On Saturday 17th in conjunction with Mortadella Bo, two of the Italian Food Ambassadors of I Love Italian Food will hold their live performances. The event will take place in Sala degli Atti, in Palazzo Re Enzo, from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Monica Bergomi and Francesca Antoniucci will lead the performances through food, words, Mortadella Bologna and other prestigious excellences of Made in Italy.

Let’s get to know them.

Monica Bergomi (La Luna sul Cucchiaio): her love for food is deeply rooted in Italian raw products and the awareness of them that Monica has developed through cooking classes, travels and eno-gastronomic experiences.

Francesca Antoniucci (Mistofrigo), a pharmacist fond on recipes, ingredients and, above all, on the Mediterranean diet. In her blog, many recipes compose quick-to-make, balanced menus.

Together for I Love Italian Food, at Mortadella Bo, they’ll both surprise us and delight our taste!

Here’s the link for subscribing to the event programma e form!

Photo credits: Consorzio Mortadella Bologna