I Love Italian Food and Chef Marcello Ferrarini, together for a Gluten Free appointment at the new SMEG Concept Store.

On Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 12 am in SMEG Concept store, Via Moscova 58 – Milan, I Love Italian Food will announce the book Tutta un’altra pasta together with its author, Chef Marcello Ferrarini.

The event takes place in the new SMEG Concept Store, Via Moscova 56 – Milan, inaugurated on June10th, a unique location where creativity research and Italianism are the core of a narration based on suggestions related to the product, the architectural structure and the many events that it hosts.

Tutta un’altra pasta is about Marcello Ferrarini’s personal experience, a Celiac Chef that since his boyhood has faced the Celiac disease as an opportunity rather than an illness.

“I always went around with a Maalox pill in my pocket. I thought it was the only remedy to my daily distress. My jeans always ended in the washing machine with the Maalox still in the pocket, so one day my mother decided she had had enough and told me «I’ll take you to the gastroenterologist». Said and done, this was the diagnosis: it was the Celiac disease. Mum is always right. Thus begins my revolution, a new conscious life”.

Marcello Ferrarini has become a Chef, specialized in gluten free cuisine, the only one that is a Celiac himself. In his book you can find many gluten but really tasty recipes: starters, dry and fresh pasta, creative risotto and main courses made with gluten free beer, gluten free pseudo-cereals, bakery products and flours, and ending up with pastries and desserts.
During the event, the Chef will satisfy the guests’ palate with samples of some of his book recipes.