During Cibus 2016, on Tuesday May 10th at the Reggia di Colorno, I Love Italian Food is arranging a Gala Dinner for all companies supporter in partnership with ALMA – Scuola Internazionale della Cucina Italiana.

Starting from 7 p.m. we will welcome our guests in the ancient cloister of the prestigious ALMA – Scuola Internazionale della Cucina Italiana, with an aperitif and the opening of the “Primato Altemasi”, a record-breaking Spumante wine, currently in the Guinnes World Record as the biggest bottle in the world.

The Gala Dinner will start at 8 p.m. The Menu, prepared for this occasion by the Chefs of ALMA, will be inspired by Italian traditional recipes. The recipes will also be featured in our new video-project “100per100 Italian Recipes”, in partnership with ALMA: a preview of the project will be presented during the event.