Chicken, turkey but also beef contain extremely low levels of saturated fatty acids, i.e. “bad” lipids (even less than 1% of the total weight) unlike, for example, cheese and butter.

The meat arrives on our tables after undergoing careful health checks and biological certifications. It is therefore healthier and, above all, has a unique and unmistakable flavour that is a direct result of respecting the environment and its equilibrium.

Organic meat should always be present in a proper and balanced diet that provides the right amount of energy and nutrients.

It is a reference point in the diet of adults and children. It is, in fact, a major source of:

Indispensable for cellular construction and repair. In particular the proteins of this meat contain all the essential amino acids in the right proportions for humans and are very similar to those present in our bodies so that they are assimilated and used particularly well. They have a high biological value and are easily digestible.


Is an element that is crucial for our survival since it is a constituent of haemoglobin and cellular tissues.


Essential for cellular metabolism to take place correctly.


These constitute our main form of energy reserve. They enter into the constitution of biological membranes and perform important bioregulatory functions.

Thanks to Fileni