45 minutes

Valcalepio red wine tagliolini, 10,6 oz
Isabella grape, 12 grapes
fresh sage, 0,7 oz
Bergamo sausage, 0,7 oz
butter, 2tbsp
parmisan cheese, 0,4 oz
fresh tomato, 0,7 oz

For fresh pasta:
00 flour, 5 cups
whole eggs, 2
extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon
beet pulp, 1,4 oz
salt, 0,1 oz


Place the flour on a pastry board and make a well in the center of the flour, add fresh
eggs, tomato paste or beet already cooked and pureed, salt and oil.
Knead the whole and put the covered dough to rest for about ten minutes.
Roll out the dough about half a centimeter high with the help of a rolling pin, then roll it up,
making sure to keep it always well dusted with flour.
Cut quite thin tagliolini with a knife.
Boil tagliolini in abundant salted water.
Brown the sage and the sausage in a pan with butter and extra virgin olive oil.
Add diced tomatoes, pitted olives and basil.
Pan-fry tagliolini sprinkling with grated cheese

Thanks to: Giopi e la Margi