Gnocco fritto is a traditional food from Emilia, although it can also be found in some areas of Romagna region. It is made from bread dough made with lard, rolled out very thinly, cut into rectangles and fried. The name of this traditional product is different according to the city: it is called torta fritta in Parma, gnocco fritto in the cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia, crescentina in Bologna and in the area of Piacenza it is called chisulén, the dialect version of chisulino. It is said that gnocco fritto has originated at the time of the Lombards, in that part of Italy.
Usually it is served filled with sliced meats (ham, cooked ham, coppa, salami, cicciolata, etc.) or italian cheese.
In 2011 was born the Brotherhood of the Gnocco Fritto in Modena, a non profit organization of gourmet to protect and to promote the gnocco fritto of Modena, with cultural and culinary activities.

Storytelling & Photo by Il Cibo delle Coccole