Gargano three in one. Because if the place is unique, the good reasons to go there are at least three: sea, culture and good food. As regards the first aspect, it is worth a stop at least in Vieste and Peschici: the first with its long beaches, the second with its scenic coves. For those who have at least a whole day to spend in these places, it is also worth going to the Tremiti Islands (the closest port is Rodi Garganico, but the boats also leave from Vieste and Peschici): this is a real marine paradise.

If we talk about culture, definitely you should not miss the opportunity to visit Monte Sant’Angelo. Recently recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it was once the final stage of the Via Sacra Langobardorum. Its peculiarity is that it offers a mystical experience which is memorable even for those who are not believers. For those who are devout, however, the tour must continue to San Giovanni Rotondo: here there is the cult of Padre Pio. Traditionalists prefer to stop at the old Convent that housed the saint, instead the modernists do not disdain the impressive new church designed by Renzo Piano.

We arrive, then, to the long awaited third aspect, the most appreciated: food. And here we must start from a premise: the Apulian cuisine can also be poor in origin, but it is very rich in variety and recipes, ranging from the sea to the land.

Do not miss:
– Grilled Caciocavallo (a typical cheese);
– Caciocavallo “podolico”;
– Bruschetta;
– Taralli;
– Apulian focaccia;
– Panzerotti;
– Paposcia;
– Mashed fava beans with chicory;
– Stuffed mussels;
– Stuffed aubergines and peppers;
– Stuffed hosts.

Once it is clear what you must not miss if you come to Gargano, of course I have to tell you where you can find the best examples of these local specialties. The logistical advice is to stay in Vieste, then moving to neighbouring towns to taste the local specialties. Vieste is the largest town and in the local market, which is very picturesque, you can find some specialties to take home as a souvenir, such as olives, oregano, braids of garlic and capers from Gargano.