18 minutes

calamari and shrimp, 14 oz
Anchovy sauce from Cetara, 1 tbsp (anchovy sauce, 1 tbsp)
frisee salad, 1,7 oz
salted anchovies, 10
the peel of 2 untreated lemons
evo oil
flour to roll
sunflower oil for frying


Clean the squid (and cut them into 3-4 cm high) and shrimp, depriving them of the head, of the black carapace and the black filament.
Blend the anchovies, previously desalted, with extra virgin olive oil until it reaches the consistency of mayonnaise. Clean the salad and season with an emulsion of oil and anchovies of Cetara.
Wash the lemons, then with a vegetable peeler, remove the skin, being careful not to remove the white part. Put the skins in the oven at 210° until they become dry, let cool and then whisk obtaining a powder.
Cover in flour the squid and shrimp and dip in sunflower oil at a temperature of 329-338°. Season with salt just before serving.

Thanks to: Ristorante La Cantina