Italy is known worldwide as the home of fresh-made pasta, which is created by the union of simple basic ingredients – eggs, flour, salt – and create nutritious and tasty dishes of a variety of shapes and delicious fillings.
The filled pasta is present throughout Italy, in many regional variations.
In Emilia, for example, there are the Tortellini, also called Cappelletti, a type of filled pasta that brings with it a story that originates from ancient Rome. According to the legend, Venus, Mars and Bacchus made a stop at an Inn. When the goddess awoke, a little hungry, she called the cook. When he saw that beautiful naked body lying on the bed, was so shocked that he shut himself up in the kitchen, decided to reproduce her navel and he started to knead the dough. This is how it was created the particular shape of tortellini.
The tortellini can be stuffed not just with meat, but also with vegetables and cheese.