There are not many Italian regions that can boast the territorial variety like Veneto, a richness that is reflected in a long series of typical products that witness the flavours and aromas of the different facets of this region.
The range of food and wine offered in the Veneto Region enhances the pleasure of small things by combining simple and genuine products with new and ancient traditions. Every province in the Region is proud of its delicious specialties and of its famous quality wine along with a deep love of the earth shared by Venetians.

Many fundamental ingredients of the Venetian cuisine are derived from cultural and social factors that have influenced the Region over the centuries: potatoes, wheat, corn – an essential element of Venetian cuisine especially in its most well-known form ‘polenta’ -, and the rice, of which the IGP labelled Vialone Nano Veronese is the most famous. Do not forget the infinite variety of seasonal vegetables, with seven products protected by labels of geographical indication.

A large portion of the cuisine is based on freshwater and saltwater fish and also meat, game or livestock which is boiled, braised, ‘pan-cooked’, marinated or stuffed. Meat and fish have given rise to some of the most popular Venetian dishes, such as Venetian liver, sardines in sauce, creamed codfish, “poenta and osei”, fried “moeche” and many more.
It is practically impossible to mention all the delicacies of Veneto, but some in particular should be cited: Asiago and Morlacco del Grappa cheeses, Vicentina soppressa salami, pasta dishes including Bigoli, “pasta e fasioi” and ‘”rice and peas” and, to finish with a touch of sweetness, two cornerstones of world-known pastry-making: tiramisu and pandoro.

In addition to food Veneto produces some of the most famous wines in the world, including Valpolicella Amarone, Bianco Custoza, Soave Recioto, Torcolato Breganze and Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG.
From the peaks of the Dolomites to the beaches of the Adriatic coast, from the gentle slopes of the hills to the shores of Lake Garda, to the sunny plains crossed by rivers: when joining one of the many food and wine tours in Veneto you will get in touch with the different flavours of the Region and discover the delicious dishes that come with it.