43 minutes

cereal flour, 17.6 oz
water, 10.2 fl oz
extra virgin olive oil, EVO 0.7 fl oz
salt, 5.07 fl oz
fresh yeast, 0.10 oz
italian organic lard, 3.53 oz
pecorino cheese, 8.82 oz
figs, 10.58 oz


Melt yeast in warm water
In a bowl mix flour andyeast
Add water, oil and salt
Knead to obtain an homogeneous ball and put it in a big bowl, covered with food film; let rest in the fridge for about 24 hours
Preheat the oven to 428°F, turned on conventional (static) mode
Cut Pecorino in thin slices and figs into quarters
Oil some 6-inch diameter pans, put about 2.82 oz of the mixture in each one and stretch with fingers; put Pecorino on them
Put the pan in hot oven for 10 minutes and than put lard slices
Bake 3 more minutes, take out focaccia from the oven and lay figs on top