25 minutes

Fettuccine, 12 Oz
One Clove of Garlic
Olive Oil
Peeled and Seedless Pumpkin, 6 Oz
Gorgonzola, 2 Oz
A Splash of milk


Cook the fettuccine in a large pot with boiling salted water. Meanwhile chop the pumpkin into little cubes. In a large pan with olive oil, rosemary and a clove of garlic gently fry the pumpkin. When they are soft and roasted, keep a half apart and keep on cooking the other half. If you want a more creamy dish, blend it with a mixer. Add a pinch of salt and grated nutmeg.
In a small pan melt the Gorgonzola cheese with a splash of warm milk until you get a smoothy and fluice cream. 
When the pasta is ready, drain into the pan with the relish, reserving some cooking water. Stir the pasta and add the cooking water to loosen, keep off from the heat and add some Gorgonzola cream. Add more cooking water, if necessary and the cubes of roasted pumpkin. Serve the fettuccine on a serving plate and top with other cheese cream.

Thanks to: Una Cucina per Chi Ama