15 Minutes

all pourpose flour, 2 tbsp
mild mustard, 1 full tbsp
fennel, 1
young chards, 1 handful
milk, 1 + 2/5 cup
grated Gouda cheese or Cheddar, 4,5 oz


Divide the fennel into wedges and pull the stems of the Swiss chard.
Steam the fennel and Swiss chard stalks for around ten mins, next add the chard leaves and let cook for a couple minutes. Add the flour, a pinch of salt, pepper and grated nutmeg into another small thick-bottomed pan. Pour in the milk and stir by using a whisk in order to combine well then place on the hob. Cook till the mixture begins to boil and thickens, always stirring using of a wooden spoon. As soon as the sauce has thickened, cook for a few minutes over very low heat and begin adding the cheese stirring well to ensure it melts. Reserve some cheese for later. As soon as the cheese has melted and after making sure the sauce is smooth, put in the mustard and stir. Preheat the grill to its highest setting. Add tablespoons of sauce in an oven dish, arrange the fennel wedges and Swiss chard on it. Pour the remaining sauce and top with the reserved cheese. Position the dish under the grill for around 6-8 minutes or till the surface is bubbling and becomes golden brown.

Thanks to: Il Deborino