grated parmigiano cheese, 12 tbsp
cherry tomatoes
bresaola or ham
mozzarella bocconcini (small balls)
rocket or valerian salad


Cut a square of about 5×5 inch out of a sheet of baking paper.
Lay it on the pan, forme a circle sprinkling 2 tbsp of grated Parmesan on it . Level the cheese using the spoon. Cook the cheese over a gentle heat until melted, cover any “holes” with some extra Parmesan.
Then, quickly pick the paper up and turn it over an upside-down glass. Press the paper so that the cheese will take the shape of the glass
Remove the paper to let the cheese harden, it will take a couple of minutes. Now you have your basket ready to fill according to your taste. If it’s still soft put it in the fridge for a few minutes.
You can fill your baskets with cherry tomatoes, lettuce or rocket leaves, little mozzarella balls, but also with ham or bresaola, rolled up as little roses.

Thanks to: My Italian Kitchen