pastry flour, 2 cup + extra for the pastry board
ricotta cheese (better if from sheep), 7 oz
truffle sauce, 2,8 oz
lukewarm water, 3/5 cup
evo oil, 1 tbsp
dill, 1 tsp
butter, 5 tsp
a pinch of salt
crushed red pepper q.b.


Before starting to prepare the dough, in a bowl combine the well-drained ricotta cheese, the truffle sauce, and the salt, mix weel and set aside.
On well- floured pastry board of wood put in the flour, add salt, oil and slowly warm water several times. With a tarot help yourself to knead with movements from the outside inwards so as to mix all the ingredients until you begin to knead with your hands, always flouring the work surface when the dough tends to stick . We must arrive at a smooth and not sticky. Arriving at the right consistency , knead for a few minutes , to form a ball , place in a bowl to let it rest 30 min. covered by a cloth.
Meanwhile, roll out on a shelf or tray below two tea towels and sprinkle with flour. Mount the machine to roll the dough on one side of your board and then separate the dough into balls the size of your hand.
Take a ball and crush it lightly between coats and begin to roll the dough by passing it 4/5 times in the car, remembering each time to fold in on itself before them to make the next round. From time to time the dough should be floured to keep it from sticking and knead better with the car. If the dough stretches too ( and is therefore difficult to work with), cut it in half and roll out one piece at a time.
While other stretch dough, the dough already made should be spread out on a floured cloth. Take the strips of dough and distribute small hazelnut filling 0,5 inch apart from each other and then fold the dough on itself, imparting with the fingers the edges of the sides of the dough balls of filling and with the help of a
wheel cut ravioli.
Let them rest on the damp cloth until cooked.
Bring to boil salt water, and in the meantime melt in a pan the butter, the crushed red pepper and the dill, stir and remove from heat.
Cook the ravioli, drain and gently add them to the sauce in the pan, season them a few minutes on low heat and serve hot.

Thanks to: Cooking With Julia