Today we meet Davide Paolini, Journalist and radio presenter better known as Gastronauta.
Let’s find out his point of view and his passion for Italian food

1) What is the episode that gave birth to your passion for food?
There’s not a specific episode. Probably, being grown within a family that worked with meats, thus very close to the food world, transmitted me this passion. My studies led me to different professional sectors, but my passion for food never abandoned me.

2) If you should take a friend out for dinner, who is coming from abroad and visiting Italy for the first time, which typical dish would you suggest him?
Being from Romagna, I would answer Lasagne Verdi (“green” lasagna), but as an Italian I would absolutely suggest him to taste risotto.

3) What does made in Italy lack to strengthen its position abroad?
The valorization of producers and products. Recently, in this country it is thought that betting on chefs is the best way to valorize Made in Italy. Made in Italy is the product, not the chef.

4) Which product among those of made in Italy do you think is not known enough worldwide?
I think there are many.
For example, we have more than 300 cheeses that foreigners don’t know. Not to mention our cold cuts and preserves. Italy still has a lot to do about this.

5) As for the Italian Sounding phenomenon, which could be the best solutions to fight it?
I have a clear position on this issue.
The Italian Sounding exists because of Italian producers’ incapacity exists. The Italian Sounding exists because there is a market demand to which Italian producers do not give a concrete answer.

6) What do you think could be a winning format to bring the Italian cuisine abroad?
I think of Niko Romito’s “Spazio” and of the many formats created by Giancarlo Perbellini.
“Spazio” is unique and I think that thanks to its approach it could have a lot of success abroad.
Perbellini’s formats are very different from one another, but I think they could have a great potentiality on foreign markets.