The New York Times dedicated him a large article praising his techniques of mixing and the careful selection of raw materials. The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana placed him between the Top 100 pizzaioli photographed by Oliviero Toscani: he is Ciro Salvo, pizzaiolo and soul of 50 Kalò the Pizzeria that opened on February 2014 in Naples in Piazza Sannazzaro. Born in 1977, Ciro Salvo is indisputably in the Olympus of the masters of Neapolitan Pizza. Son of art (three generations of pizza makers), many years of study and an almost obsessive attention to the dough. The result are soft, light and very digerible pizzas that conquered public and the palate of the most severe gourmand critics. Teacher in the Gambero Rosso Masters, for the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, is considered one of the pizzaioli from which is possible to learn to make pizza: from Mexico to Japan all come to know his secret of the perfect dough.
50 Kalò, in the not written language used by pizzaioli, means “good dough”. They use to say kalò to tell about something good and skatà for something bad; words of greek origin (kalos in greek language means beautiful, good) that over the centuries met the infinite shades of sounds and words of the Neapolitan dialect. 50 stands for bread in Kabala and the Neapolitan smorfia, and pizza makers are masters in the art of baking. This is how the name was born; 50 kalò or good dough, because a great pizza is known by its crust.

Thanks to 50 Kalò