35 minutes

Unsweetened cocoa powder, 2,8 oz
Rich tea biscuits, 0,31 oz
Orange essence, 1 tbsp
Shelled pistachios, 3,2 oz
Butter, 3,5
Granulated sugar, 3,5 oz
Egg, 1
Icing sugar, to decorate


Prepare your ingredients. Instead of using the orange extract to flavour your salami, you can use vanilla essence or alcohol if you prefer.
Let the butter soften out of the fridge. Chop the pistachios and the biscuits roughly or use a processor if you prefer. Mix the softened butter with the egg, cocoa powder, sugar and orange essence.
Now add the crushed biscuits and pistachios. Mix well and, working with your hands, put the mixture on a sheet of parchment paper, shaping it into a log. If the mixture is dry and it doesn’t hold together add a little bit of milk which will help bind the ingredients.
Roll up tightly with the paper and seal the ends using the tinfoil; put it in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours.
Remove the paper and roll your salami into icing sugar. Then tie it up with a string to look like a real salami. Slice and enjoy!

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen