55 minutes

Dark chocolate, 7 oz
Amaretti biscuits, 3,5 oz
Egg yolks, 4
Flour, 1+1/2 cup
Sugar, 2/3 cup
Orange essence, 1 tbsp
Zest of one orange
Milk, 2/5 cup

For the topping:
Ripe pears, 3
Apricot jam, 1 tbsp
Amaretti biscuits, a few to decorate


Break the chocolate into pieces, put it in a ceramic bowl over a pan of simmering water. Make sure the bowl doesn’t get in contact with the water. The chocolate will melt nicely. Add the butter and stir until it has completely melted.
Put the amaretti in a bag; bash them to reduce them into small crumbs.
Then put the egg yolks, flour, milk, amaretti, zest and orange essence and sugar in a bowl and stir well. Add the chocolate and mix the ingredients together; pour the mixture into a greased round baking tin.
Then peel and cut the pears into halves and lay them onto the mixture with some amaretti for decoration. Melt the jam with a tablespoon of water in a pan over a source of heat and stir. Brush the top of the cake with the jam and cook at 356F for 40 minutes.

Thanks to My Little Italian Kitchen

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen