For the historians the tradition of fried sweets composed of eggs and flour date back to the roman age, during that age are made the “frictilia”, fried in the fat of pork and made plenty of them during the period of Carnival, because they had to last for the Lent period.
The tradition of “frictilia” is survived to the present day, with all the differences between the regional recipes, even if the frying in the lard is replaced by the oil or by the baking. This special fritters are characteristic of the entire country, but they have different name in each region sometimes each province too. In Emilia Romagna they are called Chiacchiere, Rosoni or Scrapple, but in the province of Ferrara are called Cróstoli e a Reggio emilia Intrigoni. A peculiarity of the Reggio Emilia recipe is the addition of a glass of Sassolino or Anisetta in the dough made of egg, sugar and flour by giving it an aromatic aftertaste.