Chef Viviana Varese will be at our 100per100 italian awards to explain the features and the values of the Pasta, the most well-know italian products worldwide.

Viviana sees cuisine as a synonym of life, and just as life does, it requires passion, commitment, creativity, devotion and humility.

All characteristics which the young chef – born in 1974 in Salerno – has demonstrated since an early age when she entered the kitchen of her family’s fish restaurant. Her personal and professional history led her leave her native Campania to grow, learn and train in different places (including l’Albereta, of Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi and El Celler De Can Roca, in Girona), until opening in 1999 – in Orio Litta near Lodi – Il Girasole, her first venture.

After that, her meeting with Sandra Ciciriello paved the way for a rapid evolution which since hasn’t ceased, from the 2007 opening of Alice Ristorante in Milan to getting its first Michelin Star in 2011 to moving to Eataly Smeraldo in Milan, 2014.

Its objective is to constantly achieve results through continuous study, experimentation and preparation of niche and high quality products. “But without Sandra’s fish and all our other carefully selected products, none of this would be possible” as pointed out by Viviana. Strengths and excellence combined allow quality to go hand in hand with creativity.

Viviana Varese’s dishes uncover the flavours of land and sea, combining grade A ingredients for the pleasure of one’s sight and palate. The perfect harmony of these flavours, chosen according to season, is brought together by modern technology.