“Carasau” bread
Smoked provola cheese (or Sardinian pecorino cheese)
Extra virgin olive Oil


It is a traditional appetizer from Sardinia, easy and quick to make.
Amazing with some honey over the melted cheese.

1. Break the “Carasau” bread and arrange it over a dish that can be placed easily inside the microwave.
2. Then brush the surface of each piece with some extra virgin olive oil.
3. Regarding the cheese, one of the best choices is smoked Provola cheese. Also Pecorino cheese is a good option, maybe from Sardinia since this bread is typical of the island.
4. Cut cheese into slices, not too much thick, and place them over each piece of Carasau bread.
5. Place the dish in the microwave and cook for about 3 minutes at high temperature.
6. Often check the cheese texture. When there will be some bubbles over the surface, wait for a few seconds. It is important to melt the cheese but not to cook the bread since it’s already crunchy.
7. Complete the recipe placing each piece of Carasau bread over a tray and a bowl full of honey in the middle.

Thanks to: Benedetta Salsi, Il Cibo Delle Coccole